What's on the inside?

Hello everyone! I would like to take you all behind the scenes of making our corduroy jacket. Highlighting in this segment one of my favorite features, the blanket lining!

Model wearing RYAN ORIGINALS brown corduroy jacket showing the liner. Western chic style. Wrangler jeans and beige hat

When designing this jacket, I wanted the lining to be functional, made of quality, natural materials with an homage to the past and also be a bit of a nice surprise.

Drawn from the appreciation and inspiration from traditional Navajo Ute blankets, primarily second phase, along with a love for vintage camp and trade blankets of the past. All this was combined with the goal of being custom woven right here in the U.S.A. promoting Made-In-America. It was not an easy task, especially during the pandemic while also being a brand new company, but we prevailed through a labor of love with a great team.

RYAN ORIGINALS black and white wool/cotton liner hanging on the rail

I set out to contact all the mills located in the U.S. that are capable of jacquard weaving, thus being the best choice for our lining.

There are only a few mills left in the United States including Pendleton and Faribault that are capable of jacquard weaving. Amongst working with a couple of these different mills and not being totally satisfied with the direction it was going, I was introduced to our final selection by a very small custom weaver here in the states, a mill actually not too far from New York City.

It was a little unorthodox for them what we were trying to produce, but with the expertise from their team, not to mention they also weave for Hermes, we were able to achieve exactly what we set out to create.

Spools of thread

Man working on weaving the fabric for the liner

The magic of weaving

After a plethora of trials including wash tests, we were happy with a final combination of 66% wool and 34% cotton.

Although very satisfied now with the direction our lining was heading, I had to also make sure in this process the corduroy and blanket lining would work together harmoniously in both looks and functionally, while staying true to using natural materials. Another big feat was creating a design that would translate across all sizing from XS to 2XL. The part that made me hold my breath was when the final fabric went to the cutter. More on that later.

RYAN ORIGINALS liner on the loom

The texture was also another priority which plays a unique and attractive contrast to the corduroy itself. We were very pleased with the substantial “nubbiness” of the textile and how it turned out with being extremely wearable along with the excellent properties that wool and cotton have.

Adding to the wonderful contrast of textures and functionality, the sleeve lining and pocketing are Japanese Bemberg, from the originators of the fabric. This gives the wearer a no-hassle experience when gliding your arm in while wearing any type of garment.

With a love for the old west and vintage clothing, for our first piece I wanted to design an original garment that would be unique and have a new look, but also stand the test of time in both wear and style. A garment that is vintage-inspired with a modern flare.

Classics never die, they are reborn.

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