Styling Tips: Vintage Style for Men.

To achieve a vintage style for men with RYAN ORIGINALS corduroy jacket, consider the following styling tips:

Men wearing white shirt, suspenders, hat, grey pant and navy corduroy jacket from Ryan Originals.

1. Layering: Wear a classic button-down or vintage-inspired Henley shirt underneath the corduroy jacket. Look for shirts in solid colors, neutral tones, or patterns such as plaids, checks, or vertical stripes that evoke a retro vibe.


2. Bottoms: Pair your corduroy jacket with vintage-cut denim jeans, straight-leg or boot-cut styles, or trousers in classic fabrics like wool or tweed. Earth tones, neutral shades, and classic denim washes complement the vintage aesthetic.


3. Footwear: Opt for classic, timeless footwear such as leather brogues or wingtips, suede desert boots, or high-quality loafers. Consider patina or distressed finishes that contribute to the vintage style.

 Men dressed in vintage style. Navy blue corduroy jacket, hat, pants and shirt. Tie and suspenders.

4. Accessories: Incorporate vintage-inspired accessories like suspenders, pocket squares, and ties with patterns that reflect the era you're trying to emulate. A classic leather or canvas bag, vintage wristwatch, or simple leather wallet can also accentuate the vintage vibe.


5. Headwear: Complete the look with a classic hat, such as a newsboy cap, fedora, or ivy cap. Opt for hats made from traditional materials like wool, tweed, or felt, and stick to vintage color tones like browns, grays, and muted greens.


6. Grooming: Maintain a clean-shaven or neatly trimmed beard or mustache, depending on your preference. For hairstyles, choose classic cuts that lean toward a vintage aesthetic, such as slicked-back or side-parted styles, using matte grooming products for a more authentic look.


When putting together a vintage look with your RYAN ORIGINALS corduroy jacket, focus on blending contemporary and classic pieces. Select styles and fabrics that evoke a sense of nostalgia, and stick to a color palette consisting of muted, earthy, and neutral shades. You’ll create a timeless, vintage-inspired ensemble by balancing old and new elements.

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